Dear users,

Some of you have been sending invites to potential users who are using hotmail/live and other lesser known e-mail providers to sign up. Invites sent to these e-mail providers sometimes do not reach their destination, and are lost.

Please stop sending invites to hotmail/live/aol , or whatever your grandparents use nowadays and use GMAIL or YAHOO. I repeat , please send your invites to GMAIL or YAHOO, or run the risk of the invites not making it to their destination.

If you still have issues with the email confirmations, just send us a staff PM here -->

Don't forget about this rule as well:

Unparked accounts are disabled after 50 days of inactivity.

Parked accounts are disabled after 100 days of inactivity.

Users receive an email after 40 days (unparked) / 90 days (parked) of inactivity informing them that their account will be disabled in 10 days.

// TvT staff