September Updates and staff shuffle

Hello! It's been a while since our last announcement but I'd like to assure you we haven't been neglecting AB.
As some of you surely noticed, we've been through some changes recently and hopefully this thread will, albeit a little late, cover and summarize them all.
(The post is indeed a little long but please do give some of your time to go through it :3)

First we are seeing some changes in the staff roster.

Step downs
gesshoki, IPopNoStyle and myself are stepping down from our staff positions/responsibilities.
(You are also seeing me with a different class than Sensei since I'm selfishly holding onto some of my current duties despite striping myself from most of the responsibilities of a moderator).
While we have no intentions of going anywhere these changes have been a long time coming since we no longer have the time to properly manage the duties that SM require. You will surely still find us around the forums/irc though so feel free to say hi.

Moderators to Senior Moderators.
Both aldy and Alpha have done excellent work ever since they became moderators and their promotions are more than deserved. Be sure to congratulate them!

New staff members
Forevabronze and Liseda have shown a lot of dedication towards AB and as such they are now enrolling in a more serious position where they can continue serving the community as they have until now. Our most sincere and warm welcome.

Along with these staff changes, we've also seen some changes in our three secondary classes.

Forum Staff
Promotions: meimei and resilientz have joined the FS team to assist with moderating Chat and Anime respectively.

Editors (old Wiki Students)
Promotions: KittyKatt, klotaku, Leamas, Lelouch84, OnintzaLibre and resilientz are all new recruitments to the WS ED team and still learning the ropes.

App Reviewers
Promotions: meimei and Stryk3r117 will be assisting as gatekeepers from now on.

For convenience and privacy reasons, step downs on these classes have been omitted. Their work and dedication will however not be forgotten.
Please do give a warm welcome to all our new additions and a fond farewell to all those stepping down.

Other (small?) changes worth of mention

As noted before the Wiki Student class has at long last been renamed to Editor. To coincide with this change, we've updated our recruitment thread for Editors so if you fancy helping out the site a little, be sure to give it a read.
Passkeys are now hidden from view in your profile until you mouseover.
Class colors have been changed a few times as well Feel free to give your input here.
Plenty of "minor" tweaks/bug fixes. (<3 devs)