As you know over the years the movies and also pc games etc have been getting much larger.We had a poll for our staff to see if we could help our newer users.

We honestly hate seeing users get deleted out of Twilight because of ratio problems.We have attempted to make this as easy as we can especially for newbies.

As you know or if you did not when seeding a torrent you may not have seeders but you receive bonus points which you can trade in for upload credit.We have this because we try to keep the site small but almost always have a gigabyte seed on the torrent.

If you have problems! with what to do just go to our forums and it will give you all the information as to how to increase your ratio.


a new user use to get
200 bonus points
5 gigs upload
5 freeleech slots.

We now have made it easier for a user to get started.You now get.

500 bonus points
10 gigs
10 freeleech slots.


Now the biggest problem I see all the time with new users id they do not use there freeleech slots.

Use your freeleech slots and seed to bring your bonus points up.

Now for the existing users I will code in a sql script to add

5 gigs to your upload
5 freeleech slots
300 bonus points.

Do me a big favor.As we are closed and only invites are allowed.When you invite a friend please explain to your friend how to use there freeleech slots and also about the seeding bonus works.

I just hate having to delete a user out because of a poor ratio.

We care about all of you and hope you feel at home here at Twilight