We at ABTorrents.me know you are all wondering when the site will be back up (or if, in some cases). We want to assure you that the site is coming back. Please remember that we started this site over 5 years ago with coding that wasn’t exactly new at that time. Throughout the years we made patches and work-arounds, but the code is still very old. As a result, our security was not what it should have been. This hacking has opened our eyes, and we are working to completely recode the site using up to date language, protocols and security measures. This all takes time…A lot more than we originally anticipated. Add to that all staff here are volunteers and that all work on the site is done in our “free” time. Various 'real life' situations have intruded into our efforts and work has been occasionally delayed well beyond what we anticipated. However, we are committed to bringing the site back revitalized and more secure and will not rush things just to get the site back up and running. When we are ready, you will see a better, more secure site which will provide you with all the audiobooks we all crave while protecting your personal information from others who may have nefarious motives.

Having said all that, let me assure you with those famous words: