The movie studio is going to successfully compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime with the British streaming service providing its movies, TV shows, books and music content available for £9.99 per month. The company’s new service, dubbed DisneyLife, is set to launch in November as iOS and Android apps.

The movie studio explained that its new streaming service, which will then expand to other European markets, provides access to thousands of Disney Channel TV episodes, hundreds of albums, books and movies. Disney will allow to stream the entire Pixar catalogue, including Frozen, the Toy Story franchise, The Lion King and other classics. Besides, the service users will also be allowed to temporarily download some videos to watch it offline, given that it is downloaded on an UK broadband connection or a download on the app while in the United Kingdom. This means that the content can be watched while travelling abroad.

DisneyLife will allow subscribers to watch or read in 5 languages – English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The streaming service provides each membership up to 6 people to have individual profiles, pictured by popular Disney characters, including Nemo, Woody, Mickey and Snow White. In the meantime, parents will be able to use their profiles to set time limits for children’s viewing.

A few days ago, YouTube also announced the launch of its $9.99/month subscription service, which will offer subscribers video, music and gaming. The new service, called YouTube Red, will rip off commercials from YouTube videos, gaming apps and a new music app. Besides, YouTube Red also includes exclusive series and films from YouTube stars. YouTube Red is set to launch in the United States next week.