Destiny’s Community Manager DeeJ drops by with another Bungie Weekly Update, revealing that PvP players might be in for a treat once Trials of Osiris returns.

The post, which details the return of Trials of Osiris alongside some other updates, seems to indicate that the long-time PvP favorite will offer Guardians a much better loot pool this time around. Destiny Senior Designer Derek Carroll had this to say on what players can look forward to:

“For those who can go the distance, we’ll be dropping endgame gear that will rival the Light of those Guardians who have been defeating Oryx in King’s Fall Hard Mode.”
That’s a game-changer for Destiny‘s loot philosophy, which had come under heavy fire recently for being too geared towards the PvE crowd at the expense of Guardians who prefer competitive multiplayer. This shift in gear acquisition should satisfy both crowds, as the change looks to balance Destiny‘s PvE and PvP communities so that both preferences are viable when it comes to hunting down the best loot.

From the way the post compares the Trials of Osiris gear with that of King’s Fall Hard Mode equipment, players can likely expect the new PvP rewards to be between 310 and 320 Light, much like the Hard Mode raid. However, more changes to the way Trials of Osiris works have made it unclear as to whether or not different levels of success will be what determines the quality of gear that drops.

According to the Update, winning teams in Trials of Osiris will now receive their gear rewards directly at end-of-match completion, while players that go undefeated during their Trials will continue to be invited to the Lighthouse. However, Bungie is changing the way matchmaking works in Trials, which will now mean teams making deep runs towards the Lighthouse will be more likely to be paired against each other. Because of this, going a perfect 9-0 in Trials of Osiris will be a lot more meaningful – perhaps enough to justify the higher-end gear being Lighthouse-exclusive drops.

While the news about Trials of Osiris is definitely the most tantalizing aspect of the latest Update, Bungie has made sure that Destiny has no shortage of things to do for its players. On top of the PvP changes, Bungie is also in the midst of a Halloween-themed celebration at Destiny‘s famed Tower, adding a bit of seasonal flair to the developer’s often grim sci-fi world.

How do you feel about talented PvP players getting equivalent gear to hardcore PvE raiders? Is the matchmaking change a huge deal for Destiny‘s PvP? Let us know in the comments.

Destiny: The Taken King is currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.