Bethesda partners up with the eccentric Jones Soda Co. to produce real-life, Fallout-inspired Nuka Cola Quantum, set to go on sale at the same time as Fallout 4.

Bethesda, Jones Soda Company and Target stores have joined forces, announcing a cross-brand effort to promote the upcoming Fallout 4. For the very first time, Fallout fans will be able to buy an official, real-life version of the mildly-irradiated in-game thirst quencher Nuka Cola Quantum.

Fallout fans can expect to see the beverage hit Target store shelves on the same day as Fallout 4 itself. Bethesda, Jones Soda Company, and Target are no doubt hoping to cash in on the rush of fans coming in to pick up copies of Fallout 4, offering the branded drink for gamers to buy while they stock up on other snacks. Given Jones Soda Company normally offers a unique line of glass-bottled beverages featuring their customers’ photographs and quirky flavors like Blue Bubble Gum, the company seems like a great choice for Bethesda to bring Nuka Cola Quantum to life with.

However, not all Target shoppers will be lucky enough to find Nuka Cola Quantum on store shelves. The official Fallout Twitter account explained that Nuka Cola Quantum will only be available in Target stores in the United States, with no current plans to extend its release to other countries. This is unfortunate for fans worldwide, but it’s not the first Fallout beverage to be limited to one area. The previously-announced Fallout 4-branded beer from Carlsberg UK hasn’t been announced for any territories outside of the UK, either.

This is far from the first product to be announced by Bethesda sporting the Fallout 4 logo or in-game canon in some shape or form. While Nuka Cola Quantum originates from the Fallout series itself, being a rare, glowing (and mildly radioactive) form of the classic Nuka Cola beverage prevalent to the entire series, Bethesda hasn’t limited themselves to mimicking in-game products. Gamers who pre-ordered Fallout 4 at Best Buy will be receiving a pair of Vault Boy socks as a bonus, Bethesda has revealed limited releases of Fallout 4 controllers, watches and other merch, and Zenimax Media previously trademarked the Nuka Cola brand to be used on clothing.

Video game characters and logos have graced the designs of beverage containers before – Pepsico and Activision paired up to create Call of Duty Mountain Dew cans, for example. Still, rarer creations based off in-game items like Nuka Cola Quantum or the real-life Final Fantasy XII potions are a bit more memorable.

Will you be hunting for Nuka Cola Quantum at your local Target store? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 and Nuka Cola Quantum both release on November 10, 2015.