If there are two sci-fi franchises going right now that millions of fans love, they’re Star Wars and Destiny. With the upcoming release of The Force Awakens, a Destiny fan has created a mash up of the two science-fiction epics, recreating Episode 7’s latest trailer with cinematics from Bungie’s shared world shooter.

While some will scoff at the idea of a mashup trailer (many do), we think it’s pretty fantastic. You might even call it (space) magic. Here it is:

YouTuber Sam Goodey did the edit on the video, which blends footage from a wide variety of trailers from Bungie’s “mythic science fiction” game. The edit not only works to mimic the shots found in The Force Awakens’ newest trailer, but it also functions well in telling the story of Destiny. It’s a bit of a match made in…space.

The trailer also flips footage of Star Wars leads Rey and Finn for Guardians, and changes out the Episode 7 villain, Kylo Ren, with Oryx. The Taken King’s space battle cinematic and the game’s Sparrow charges substitute in for the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighters, as well; it’s really quite something to behold.

Bungie said during development of Destiny that they wanted to make it a cultural phenomenon, like Star Wars. One thing this trailer confirms is that the tone of both meld very well. It’s not too surprising as the director of The Empire Strikes Back, the late Irvin Kershner, once said that Star Wars is not science fiction but science fantasy with knights and wizards in space. In many ways, Destiny could also be categorized as science fantasy, with its similar ideas such as the Light and the Darkness (not unlike the Light and Dark side of the Force). And Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks are basically knights, rogues, and wizards in space.

Fans should also be thankful that The Taken King took a new focus on storytelling and cinematics, because without it this trailer may not have been so perfect. This fan-made creation is just another example of the Destiny community doing interesting things with their beloved game.

Earlier this week, one player defeated the Crota’s End raid controlling his character using only the Rock Band drum kit. And now with the addition of more emotes into the game, there’s bound to be even more creative videos that spring from the community.

Plus, with Bungie planning to build the Destiny universe for at least the next ten years and Disney’s new focus on churning out Star Wars films, there’s bound to be even more mashups over the next decade. If they’re as good as this one, it’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye out for them with great anticipation.

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