Halo 5: Guardians launched less than one week ago, and the development team at 343 Industries says that it has already gathered a lot of fan feedback and data about the various modes, and it has plans to start delivering both new content for the game and updates that will improve the overall experience.

The official site update explains that the core issues that are being investigated at the moment include how spawning works in both Arena and Warzone, the way controls are not allowing some players to deliver their best performance, map and mode variety, Fireteam display, and custom game options.

343 Industries is also evaluating the new REQ system for Halo 5: Guardians to make sure that as many matches as possible remain balanced while allowing gamers to express themselves by using the special cards that they have access to.

The studio aims to continue to track a number of concepts linked to the shooter, and at this point, it has no official announcement about the moment when it plans to deliver an official content update.

Chris Blohm, investment lead at 343 Industries, states, "In a system so wide and as random as Halo 5’s REQ pack system, things can happen even though we have a dedicated group of folks looking into every aspect. So, a group of us circled, and decided it was clear that we should do what we can to get fix out as soon as possible. As much as we love every piece of hardware in the arsenal, no one should get that many geese."

A range of small server-side fixes for Halo 5: Guardians have already been deployed, which should make the Mongoose less common in Silver packs.

Arena should become fairer over the coming weeks

343 Industries says that it will continue to allow gamers who favor Warzone to use the REQ system to enhance their performance and to show off their most interesting Halo-related strategies while keeping Arena as balanced as possible for long-term fans of competitive action.

The official site also mentions the gamers who managed to perform special feats during the first week of Halo 5: Guardians and explains that only ten players actually completed all the Loadout weapon commendations to unlock the accompanying emblem.

Tweaks will be made to the REQ system based on player use, although the development team has not yet decided on specifics.

On Monday, November 2 Josh Holmes, the leader of the 343 Industries team, Quinn DelHoyo, multiplayer designers and other members of the studio will jump into the Warzone mode to play with the community.

They plan to be online from 6 to 8 PM Pacific Time, with those players who manage to win against them able to get special REQ rewards.

343 Industries is aiming to launch the Big Team Battle mode for Halo 5: Guardians in November, with a range of associated maps, and gamers will also get the Forge to create their own missions in December.

For one year, players who bought the shooter will be able to get free maps to enhance all multiplayer modes.