Bethesda is pulling all the stops for the Fallout 4 launch, and they are sparing no expense, as our late John Hammond used to say in Jurassic Park before he got eaten alive by his dinosaurs. That's why some people will be able to buy the new Nuke Cola Quantum along with their copy of Fallout 4.

Bethesda recently announced that it partnered up with Carlsberg in order to ship Fallout beer, but only in the UK. As you would expect, this is now the best-sold beer on Amazon UK, and it's only available for preorder. It's not shipping just yet.

Just like the beer, the new Nuke Cola Quantum is only available in the United States and only at Target stores. It's like they don't want to make money at all.

The Nuke Cola Quantum is actually bottled by a company called Jones Soda Co., which is located in Seattle. You can imagine that Target paid a lot of money to have this drink exclusively in their stores, but they couldn't have paid more than what Bethesda or Jones Soda would have made by selling this worldwide. It's the kind of decision that only a hesitant VP would make.

Prepare for overpriced drinks on eBay

Since Nuke Cola Quantum will only be sold at Target and only during the launch, which is November 10, you can imagine just how well those caps or unopened bottles will sell on eBay. It's creating a new market for stuff that's sold exclusively in certain locations.

We sure miss the old days when Target or Gamestop would get a simple DLC in a game, but it looks like that's not happening with Fallout 4.

We can only hope that these products will be successful and that the exclusivity contracts have an expiration date so that anyone will be able to buy them soon.