With the Xbox One set to get access to backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 titles on November 12, a lot of fans of the PlayStation 4 are asking whether Sony has any plans to deliver a similar feature for its current-gen device.

Unfortunately, Shuhei Yoshida, the leader of the Worldwide Studios, once again explains that the company is not working on adding such functionality and will likely not offer it in the future either, mainly because of the unique architecture of the PlayStation 3.

A recent survey sent out by Sony suggests that a 4.0 firmware update for the PS4 might introduce more support for PS2 and PS One titles, and could also allow gamers to change their PSN ID.

Michael Denny, Worldwide Studios Vice President, tells GamesIndustry.biz that his company is at the moment happy with the performance of the PlayStation Now streaming service and might take steps to make it more popular in the future.

Users have asked for lower prices and a wider variety of video games, and Sony might make some big announcements before the end of the year.

A large number of publishers have announced remastered versions of their titles for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, and might not be willing to support backwards compatibility for the Microsoft device or streaming for the Sony one.

Sony is betting big on association with major franchises

Denny also says that he expects the recently announced worldwide price cut, which means that the PlayStation 4 is offered for 349 dollars or Euro, will have a significant impact during the coming holiday season.

Sony has decided to link its hardware with the biggest releases, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Star Wars: Battlefront, but does not have any big exclusive title to power sales.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is betting that gamers will pick up an Xbox One because of the upcoming user experience, which integrates the device with the Windows 10 ecosystem, and because of exclusives like Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

According to the Sony executive, his team is already exploring ways to make the PlayStation 4 the console that will dominate 2016 both in terms of coming titles and hardware improvements.

PlayStation VR is set to arrive in the first half of next year and will allow gamers to experience a range of virtual reality titles.

Denny states, "the beauty of PSVR is that we have the PS4 to power it, we have tried and tested input devices and controllers that work fantastically well. I think the experiences we're showing off are a testament to that. At the moment, we're pleased with the ecosystem we have for VR."

Sony has managed to show off a range of virtual reality video games, including Battleborn, during its Paris Games Week presentation.

But the entire VR field still has to deal with the problem generated by the high price of the headsets.

The PlayStation VR solution will have to compete with the Vive from Valve and HTC and the Oculus Rift.