Good month to all!
Strange today's day, the day that voluntarily remove it permanently switches for many reasons.
We spent together a lot and it was really a crazy adventure.
An adventure came to an end.

What started in 2011 for fun, eventually lasted a few years and changed the daily life of thousands of people.
Without planning. Without budgets. Without knowledge. Without experience. Without acquaintances.
Only with an idea. The idea of ​​free sharing and thanks to you was so high.
Therefore we want to thank you, everyone, for everything.
For the knowledge gained.
For the people we met.
For strong friendships we made.
For endless happy hours spent together.
For that we have achieved together!

Personally as admin I feel the need to thank EVERYONE who put the stone in order to get where we were today.
These strange offered endlessly knowing that they will not get anything more from an online "thank you."
Those who will never forget your username.
With those who every day we had known appointments and knew how to succeed online at our company.
Those who fought us because dogged us, kept us awake, forcing us
to organize, to improve and ultimately, unwittingly, made us better.
I wish I could hang out with you and treat you all a cold beer.
A big thank you to all who stood beside honest Galaxy, loved
They supported and kept him on top all these years.
Without having to say names. You know who you are and you won my respect.
Finally, an apology to those who upset or wronged!

This was then guys!
Today stumbled, but we fell in our best and I think that we left for good
our mark in Greek p2p scene.
I hope this adventure you filled memories like us and I sincerely wish you the best.
Always be healthy, cheerful, creative and happy.

if you want to keep something from this trip ...
... Remember that ...
You can not forbid an idea!

Sincerely, the team Galaxy Tracker
2011 - 2015