November update

Greetings to all Members

This week has been a eventful one, even though it has only started yesterday.

There are quite a few items that i would like to bring to the attention of the community. This will be our first of many insights into the world of Staff here at Blu-Torrents.

On the agenda:
Last Night's crash
BON Leak
Future plans

Last Night’s crash

Last night we experienced a network crash,resulting in the site being unavailable for some. This issue has subsequently been resolved, but we are looking into potentially moving to a better Datacenter, where such instances will preferably not occur again.


First and foremost, I would like to thank all those who have supported the site, whether it be in terms of Monetary donations, Staff assistance, Content upload, or even ideas sharing. Your insight has made the site what it is today.

Due to unfortunately circumstances, we will no longer to using Paypal as a service. Our Paypal account has been frozen, citing User Agreement Policy violations. This leaves us in a disadvantage in terms of keeping the site up. Our current donations pool however, allows us to keep the site up for about 3 months.

We are considering to refund all those donations which have not been utilised, as to account for all donations made to date.

We are however looking into alternative streams, but nothing is confirmed as yet. We will keep the community informed.

Henceforth, donations will be closed until further notice.

BON Leak

I’m sure by now everyone knows about the gremlin in our BON system. He has been causing havoc lately, dealing out points excessively. Unfortunately we have yet to contain him, as his become very elusive.

That said, we have temporarily disabled VIP purchase as this ended up being a major exploit.
We will however look into open this up again, in due course.

Do Note that, this leaks affects everyone whether you are seeding or not. If you are seeding please continue. This should not affect your earnings at all.

Future Plans

Last year, we embarked on a change which we thought would uplift the potential of the site, Unfortunately, we experienced exactly the opposite, as this change brought about more problems than we anticipated.

Its this reason that we have started a new Development project, which is could some changes and improvements coming to the site, the new project would subsequently also allow for further expansion of the site, as well as fix some issues which we all have been complaining about.

We hope to launch the new site soon, but with recent events, we heavy hearted about the future of the site, seeing as Paypal, has frozen our account. That said we are looking into alternative means, and will communicate these details in due course.

Kind Regards
Blu-torrents Staff