x264.me 10th Birthday Celebrations!

The time has come once again for x264.me's birthday celebrations! This year got off to a bit of a slow start, as we decided to start the celebrations a little later this year and didn't really warn people about it (sorry). Normally we start the Birthday Celebrations in mid to late October around our actual birthday, but in recent years we've been extended the celebrations closer and closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the various winter holidays. This year we're continuing with that trend, a longer Birthday Celebration more towards the Holidays, where people have breaks from work to enjoy our lovely content!

This month of November the celebrations really kick off. On November 7th by 8PM EST (next Saturday, 11/7/2015) we will kick things off with Site-Wide Free Leech on everything! Every torrent new and old will be free to download. Then in a week or two we will move on to Site-Wide 2x Upload! We will edit this News post to announce when the 2x Upload starts, and you will see a notice on every page. One of our longtime members already kindly posted a Birthday Celebration topic for us, so please discuss the Celebrations in his topic HERE.

The PayPal donation option is currently removed from the donation page due to some issues, but the BitCoin Donation option is back up and running! Those of you that can donate a bit to the cause via BitCoin are encouraged to do so while we work out these PayPal troubles. A link to the donation page can be found HERE. Either way hosting is paid until June of 2016, so don't let this stress any of you and party on!