Long story short, thanks to someone giving the site exposure on a torrent invite site and my PayPal account being permanently disabled as a result, EXIGO is going to have to shut down. I just got the bill, I have no way of paying it. It'll probably be down in a week or two. Sad, but nothing I can do.

I'll save a copy of the site, but have nowhere to host it. If anyone has any ideas, email exigo@torqueo.org

Note I probably won't deal with PayPal again and do not want to pay with my credit card or bank account, for obvious reasons. This whole thing has actually hurt my livelihood- as a freelance programmer I was getting paid through PayPal. TL;DR: Fuck PayPal.

Discuss in our forums here: http://www.exigomusic.org/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=5658&page=last

-Thu 5th, 2015 by neuschnee