BTN turns 6, claim your invites! wouldn't be special without our community. That's why we've decided to celebrate not only BTN's birthday, but also our members.
We've given invites to members that excel in different categories: request fills, uploads, and community involvement. Unfortunately there weren't nearly enough open spaces for us to give an invite to every member that goes above and beyond. Not all contributions are reflected by stats; some types of contributions aren't even quantifiable.

In the interest of fairness, we decided to also give away some invites to randomly selected members who met basic criteria. 100 lucky Masters, 500 lucky donors, and 250 lucky members were chosen to receive an invite. If you missed out, don't worry! The first 50 unwarned Power User+ with 3+ month old accounts but 0 invites who post here (i.e. BTN 6th birthday thread) asking for an invite will receive one.