Welcome to our new, fresh and filled with endless possibilities Site. We were gone for quite a while getting things ready, testing, and making sure the transition runs smoothly.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their time, patience and feedback.

Site and future expansion

In my previous Mass PM, i made mention of a Development Project that was in the works, to improve the functionality and core systems of the site, and i am proud to announce,

You all are using that core system as you read this.

The launch process, although didn't have a big fireworks party, went down smoothly, with minimum glitches and errors occurring.

Now some of you may be wondering about the warning you have got.

I will make mention that, for too long many have violated and abused the hit and run rules, and this ends today.

From today forth, the system will be either warning or banning you, based on the level of your offense. There will be no exceptions. Examples will be made.

With that said, we have had a few cases where some users received abnormal warnings, we apologise for this, and please do contact staff so that we may correct this for you.

I am sure many of you have noticed, that a lot of features are not missing or simply don't work as you remember them, we are aware of this.

Key features that are missing:

Games Section: This has been disabled, as it was the prime source of the BON Leak, once we have revised the code and tested that it works correctly, we may see it returning.
Reduced themes: We have opted to reduce the number of themes we allow to 3, this gives a more time to ensure themes are in working order and consistent. We may introduce more, but at this stage it is very unlikely.

Features which have been revised:

Torrent Poster: Global upload of images has been disabled until further notice. We have taken a different approach towards this. See Banners
Hit and Run: Our new hit and run system is now in full effect.
Site Chat: We opted for a more versatile chat, this allows us much more customisation as well as a deeper social base.
Torrent Details page: We went with a entire new redesign of your torrent page, as you can see, there is potentially more information on any given torrent.

Feature addition:

Banners: As i mentioned above we did away with Upload posters, this has been replaced with Banners which will now auto populate, given that a torrent has either a TVDB or IMDB ID, or both.
Internal timer: We have added a 24hr timer, this is solely for internal torrents, and serves as a reminder to Rule 103.

Notwithstanding all that has been mentioned, there are many more changes which have taken place. In the future we are looking to add new features as well as bring back some of all those old ones the community has requested.

And finally if not the last, For a while we have used SSL, but it hasn't been as effective as we would've liked to hope, with that said, We in the coming weeks, will be moving to an SSL only platform where communicate in terms of Site will be primary based via HTTPS, We are still looking into making our tracker available via HTTPS only, but this is still under discussion.

Thanks you for the read.

If you have any feature suggestions or find any bugs, please do let us know via the Forum, so that we may look into fixing those bugs, and potentially implementing your feature, provided the community likes it of course.

NB! There are some of you who have had issue with our new chat. To resolve this, please clear Cache as well as remove all cookies related to the site. This will ensure that you are issued new cookies with the updated settings and config.

Peace everyone