Open Registration has closed again, so a big welcome to all of you.

The site is back to invite only, Invites can only be used by Power Members +, So if you are a rank below that and you see you have invites keep in mind that you can't use/send them until you are a power member+ more info on that in the FAQ.

Some important information to all new members to keep your account healthy.
1: Please read the Rules and FAQ There is some important info in there that will be useful to you and your account

2: Yes we are RATIO FREE but that dose not mean you dont seed Seed All Torrents to 1:1 or 72Hours (What Ever Comes First) Within a 10 Day Time Frame

3: Use your history tool. It will help you keep track of your torrents to avoid HnRs on your account 5+ and your account will be suspended. Donors are Immune

There are many features and benefits to BeyondHD that will help your account stay in check. Lastly, have fun get involved with the community and explore all that BeyondHD has to offer and always ask a question if you get stuck with something our staff are here to help.