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    HDBits : News

    HDBits turns 10 Years Old!

    To really celebrate our success, we are announcing to all of our friends (and foes) that we will never ever offer membership to anyone, ever again. If you are not yet a member, even if you’ve been looking around for 10 years for the one place a recruitment thread may exist at the Elite Guru Uber Master level on one of the thousands of trackers out there—if you find it—we’ll just have to change it. We are happy the way we are, so why should we change? We like keeping a low profile to protect our little den. We like creating a place where we can be the haves, so you can be the have nots (you can’t have one without the other). If you don’t like this policy, we suggest you do something really radical like join Comcast. We are not at all worried that some may come to resent the wonderfulness of who we are and—and, just out of normal human nature, decide that we are the bad guys.

    We’re not trying to be callous by ignoring the frustration some of you undoubtedly feel after patiently trying for 6-12 months to get in via the “recommended” way. Like seeding TBs of data at respected places and uploading and even encoding torrents day and night—without even a hint where to look for an invite.

    Besides, we’re not callous or impudent or exclusive really. All you have to do to get in is to become a friend to someone you can’t see, hear or touch in IRC (not the way I was brought up learning how to make friends)—and hope that this bond will grow so insanely strong that your new friend would risk permanent banishment in the most draconian sense possible if you do something wrong. That’s not hard. You say you’ve been trying for over a year and are Elite at several good trackers and still can’t even get a hint where to become even more Elitist?

    Don’t be a spoil sport. Our model is based on the same thing that made America great. Offer the possibility of any and everything to everyone, then watch as the top 1% devour everyone else.
    So hang in there for a couple more years. When your seedbox expenses are higher than your cable bill and when your sweat equity creating and even coding torrents is about equal to what you have invested in your house and/or car—you are bound to get in. If not—no one ever promised you anything—membership is a privilege, not a right so stop your sniveling. You just want something for nothing..we stand for the freedom to have access to content when, where and at what quality level we like…if you are still out in the cold, then you clearly must not meet our standards.
    Happy Birthday to us And not not to you We know you resent us…. And that’s fine by us too!!!

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    Bull shit!!! For this i will never try to acces hdbits, i get all i need from other great trackers

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