Hey, guys!! Did you miss us ? We surely did .

Long story short, this is what has happened to us :

Due to circumstances that were out of our hands, we were forced to abandon our previous hosting . Unfortunately, our new platform has a rather out-dated backup (January 2015). We are aware that this is a frustrating situation, which we too feel terrible about it, but we only had two options to procede >: We could have either given up for good, or we could have come back on a new platform with our January 2015 backups. Surrender is not an option for us so we obviously chose the latter: NO RETREAT , NO SURRENDER.

Here is what we need you to do :

We will be providing invites for everyone. Everyone who signed up after January 2015, can join the following IRC channel : https://freshon.tv/irc.php --> #tvt.invites If there are people among you who have a screenshot of your old TvT stats , we will happily help you and we will add back ONLY the upload. Those of you who still have old TvT torrents, reseed or re-upload them.

Once again, we sincerely apoligize for this situation. Rest assured with time, we will come back stronger then ever!

Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely , the TvT team