Happy birthday PTP!

7 years, long live PTP!!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

It's been seven long years since PTP first came kicking and screaming into this world. While we've grown significantly over the years, our passionate love of cinema and our unwavering focus on the community have remained unchanged. We've been through many hardships over the years: staff changes, hardware failures, and large scale attacks. Every few months a new crisis hits...and yet here we stand. Alive. Not only have we managed to survive -- we've actively thrived. PassThePopcorn is quite possibly the largest quality cinematic archive in the history of the world. Let that sink in for a second. We're blessed with a dedicated family of staffers, a fantastic FLS team, and a vibrant and wonderful community. We're on the verge of archiving 125,000 films, and 300,000 individual torrents.

And it only gets better from here.

We could never have gotten this far without you, our users. You are the ones that make this place so incredibly special. We're glad to have each and every one of you as part of our extended family. And so, to show our thanks, let's unwrap some presents!

-- Much love, the PTP Staff

Recruitment is back It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to open our doors to new users. In the next few days PTP will start recruiting members from a few of our closest allied trackers. If you have a friend who has been looking to join, now is their chance. As a reminder: Personal invites should ONLY be given out to people you know well. Inviting people from public places, or people who pm you asking for an invite (even if their ratio is good) is strictly forbidden. Leave the recruiting to staff.