One of our most important rules at 32Pages forbids the buying and selling of accounts and invites. This practice gives undesirable users access to our tracker, weakening our security, and using up staff time that could be spent working on improving the site in other ways.

Usually when we catch someone who has been involved in these activities, we will ban them from the site (or remove their invites) immediately and permanently. However, we would once again like to offer people the chance to confess without having to worry about losing access to the site.

If any of the following apply to you (and you did not reply to the last amnesty), please send us a staff pm entitled "Amnesty" providing details about where/when/what was involved.

You bought your account or invite to 32P;
You have been an active member of any torrent invite site in the last 12 months;
You have been involved in trading/selling at any point.

The amnesty will end on the 21st of December. If the amnesty is successful, we will be enabling invites again for active users.

Inactive Accounts

We will soon be disabling inactive and unused accounts, in order to free up slots for new users.

If you know any friends who haven't logged in and used the site in a long time, make sure to remind them! The criteria for an inactive account is:

-Hasn't logged in for the past 6 months
-OR has zero downloads, zero forum posts and less than 2,500 inkdrops, and signed up >2 months ago.
AND is not Paragon or higher.