Dear Friends,

A little more than a year has passed and this is our first announcement regarding invites.
The invite system has been closed and the only people who can send invites are the Special Classes and Staff.

What does this mean?

You might be thinking that this means we will become an exclusive tracker or p2p site, this is incorrect. The invite system will be closed for about two weeks, in which time we will send an email to those users whom have been inactive for over 2 months.
Due to another site being down there have been a lot of new accounts created so we need to verify these accounts.
That being said, after about two weeks, you will have the same invites in your account, and you can send them like usual.

We are sorry for this little inconvenience and if you have a friend who is in desperate need of an invite, like those who had troubles with ISP's for downloading from public, you can always send a STAFF PM.

Love and Respect,

MTV Staff