Hi All,

You'll notice that all your invites have been zeroed out and no one has any. I did this because we have a member/s who is posting about them in public forums and giving them away in contests and such. While I do not mind the give aways, I do mind the posting in public forums which can be crawled by the search engines (which is how I found this out).

This is absolutely forbidden. I have gone to great lengths to keep Junkies under the radar of those who would shut it down if they found it. And now this exposes us. Writing to the owners of the forums has proven futile as this keeps their sites in business. How they make money off this I've no idea, but since they will not take these posts down I have decided there will no longer be any invites to give away at these kind of sites.

I have also taken away the ability to purchase invites with points. Since I was being so generous with points when people joined they took them and did the same thing.

So, from now on invites to Junkies are going to be rarer than hen's teeth and most all will be given by me. Even staff have been zeroed out. Unless you are personally known to me, I will issue the invitation when you send me an email address of the person you would like to invite in a PM. If you are known to me, I will place a few in your account. And I will be monitoring this situation from now on.

You may post them in private forums that are not crawled by search engines but no public ones. I do not want to see the site name or URL show up in a Google or other search engine list. I am stuck with the ones out there already but I hope these measures prevent anymore.