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    HDBITS.org fake HDB invite spam emails going around

    Below is the email going around.
    Titled HDBITS.org
    Hey buddy ! How are you ?
    I'm sorry for the trouble...I hope you don't mind I'm asking...
    I sent you this email because I was wondering if you are interested to join on HDBits...
    I am in p2p world since 2008 and I can proudly say I know what I'm doing , my ultimate goal is to help as many peoples as I can to get into their dream tracker , I love that !
    HDBits.org is the most wanted tracker in the world. Its quality and rarity make everybody want to join! Fast downloading speeds, good pre-times, P2P and Scene releases, and a good community are some of this tracker's advantages.
    Many well known release groups call HDBits.org "home". The most important of these are: CtrlHD, DON, NTb, CRiSC, EbP, ESiR, SbR, BS, ThD, RZF, SFH, wAm, EucHD, iNK, EA, LolHD, ToK, TayTO, ESPNtb, PerfectionHD, H@M, AtZLIT, NorTV, NiP and more...
    Starting on 20th March 2006,began the epic journey of one of the most important and cherished HD tracker " HDBits.org". Soon after its start it picked up a position of great respect among the bit-torrent community. It is a tracker which specializes in high-definition contents. Among the contents are scene HD release,user encodes. After reaching its maximum user limit it went invite only, which too soon closed. Last time HDBits opened their invite system was on 16th December 2009, after that it completely shut down its invite system ( except for staffs and VIP's who can invite )
    Being one of the greatest HD tracker in the bittorrent world, HDBits holds a lot of contents and surprises for its users. It has by far the largest number of internal encoders, release qualities are awesome and pretimes for scene releases are also very good. Let us come to the contents of this tracker. Well, with 90+ internal encoders, what do you expect? This tracker has the most number of internal releases which are superb in quality. They sure do know, how to encode. The HDTV caps are also perfect. They have got a request page as well as offered page in the forum. Requests are filled real quick. So if you are a HD maniac. You need HDBits.org!
    Now about speeds, you will find the torrents there very well seeded so far speed is awesome. No complain about that. Well all that remains is the community. They have quite a large userbase with over 19,000 users. The forum is real busy with lots of daily posts, so is the irc. Whats most amazing about the forum is their tutorials on HD encoding and HDTV capping. Overall, at this moment HDBits.org is one of the most respected High definition bittorrent tracker and is the dream of many HD lovers!
    This being said here is your chance to come aboard ! If you are interested to become a member of this awesome community just reply on this email
    Looking forward to hear back from you !

    Spammers email joseph.sinov@gmail.com

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    OMG, are you sure @GLOW?

    This is his username in TiZ : http://torrentinvitez.com/member.php?965-joseph
    This is his Facebook account : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010424749010

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