Banned Clients

Since we have received many inquiries about the subject items we just list of banned and approved clients here.

Eligible clients:

qBittorrent - download here
μtorrent 2.0.4
μtorrent 2.2.1 - download from oldApps - download from sourceforge
μTorrentMac 1.8.4
Deluge 1.3.6
0.13.2 libtorrent
rtorrent 0.9.2

Banned clients:
uTorrent> All clients from 3.3.0 and up
Transmission> All clients with the version number 2.0x
Tixati> All clients
All BitComet clients
All Vuze / Azureus
Bitlord 1.2.0-66
Bitlord 2.1.0-74
Thunder / Xunlei 0100

Thunder / Xunlei