We promised you some more surprises this month, so today, we are launching a new feature: Charts. With Charts you'll be able to view iTunes' Top 10-200 downloaded Albums, Songs, Movies and TV series, and easily find them on SCC! Your viewing privileges depend on your user class. Donors are able to view top 200, legends and addicts top 100, and the rest top 50.

Earlier this month, you were forced to set a 4 digit PIN code. This security measure was implemented in order to prevent account hijackers from stealing accounts. We have now re-enabled password/email changes using that PIN code. If you already forgot your PIN and need to change your email or password, contact a global moderator or an admin, and they will be able to change your PIN code.

We would also like to remind you that 6 days left until our Birthday celebration ends!

So hurry up and participate in our birthday contests! We updated the prizes for our SCC Photo and SCC's got Talent contests! The top prize now also includes a Seedbox VPS from SeedVPS.com for an entire month! There is plenty of time left, the contests will close at 31.10.2012 at 23:00 GMT.

We've also decided to give additional bonus for this month donors: at the end of the month 3 donors will be randomly chosen by our system to receive Scene Celebrity VIP status. So, not only you get double (2X) upload credits for donating this month, but you also get the chance to be Scene Celebrity VIP!