We're searching Users from California/Texas/Massachusets/Maryland/Oregon/Washington State/Florida with FIOS or COMCAST

Hi guys, our project growing up everyday, and we're looking for hiring anyone who will be able use their CSN or FIOS services in any states in America, if you looking for earning some money for your work and effort, and by that you able help to site with some recordings.
Please post in my PM next information about:
1) Your City/State
2) Your Zip Code
3) Your Favorite Sport / Team if you looking for our VIP sections
4) Also please provide us information about your time for capping, i mean, if you're schedule really hard, we will talk about opportunity to sharing machine in safe hands to covering any games.
5) If you comes there and you new there, please also post where from you come to site.

We looking for cooperation and i hope we can rewarding you for your time, and capping for our site new teams and games.
We also will purchase for you equipment if you don't have any active tuners for recording,
with any question write in