GGn is back!!

Wow, well that was a long and unexpected downtime. Unfortunately, as most of you already know, we were hit with a fairly nasty DDoS attack that lasted a long while.
While we did try to bring the site up and managed to twice, the attack kept resuming bringing the site back down. After messing with hosts and
overcoming various technical and financial obstacles, this process took much longer than we would have liked,
but we're back now and ready to go!

Keep your head up, we'll be starting our Christmas celebrations in a few days and we've got lots coming your way!
We weren't idle during the down time, and we're coming back even better than before

Note that many torrents may be lacking seeders. Please resume seeding any stopped torrents and we should be all set to go shortly.

Edit: Vertigo is back, and tracker DNS should propagate within 24 hours.

Best wishes, -The GGn Staff Team