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    Titans of TV (ToTV) | News


    Well, as most of you have been expecting for a while, the time is now to declare the end of ToTV.

    While development was heavy earlier in the year, summertime came around and our lot of devs got busy. That's something to be expected. What we didn't expect, of course, was for AzzA to take his leave so soon. Real life takes precedence over anything internet related, and a loss of compassion is something you can't fight with force. We tried to wait it out a bit and see if AzzA and the rest of the devs would come back around, but unfortunately it wasn't in the cards for now. Some got new jobs while others have pursued other endeavors, and I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank everyone that worked to get us where we are, but to say good luck in the future with whatever you do.

    There's a chance the codebase may continue to be worked on over time, and ToTV could even pop up in the future. One thing for sure, though, is that for the time being, your community efforts should be placed elsewhere. The IRC will remain up for an undetermined amount of time, but the site will go offline in a few days, after we've given everyone a chance to see this message.

    Thanks to everyone who helped alpha and beta test, your efforts won't be for naught. Even if ToTV doesn't fully come back to form, we may fix a few things and put the codebase up so others can take what they'd like from it. Either way, our ideas and vision for the future have already been adapted in other sites, so the spirit of ToTV will continue on despite this outcome.

    Happy Holidays, we love you guys.
    hxck, AzzA, milk, toor, mooncup, N0M4D and the rest of the ToTV team.

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    The beginning was really great, but after a few months, developers have started all fuckup. Therefore, we have now the consequences.
    It's a shame, because already there I adapted. Let us hope that one day they return back.

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