Well it is the holiday season for Twilights.
We are giving giving and more giving.

We now have the Advent calendar giving you presents daily unless Santa thinks you have been naughty.
You also will be giving you a present on Christmas eve.The reason its Christmas eve is in memory
of our deceased user stonedalien.lol He was the oldest kid I ever met and begged for it to be
opened Christmas eve.PS: his picture is on the staff page.

We are also freeleech until January 2nd.

My goodness this is the time to get your ratio in good shape.

Also we have tons of holiday movies under the category Holiday stuff.

We have decided to open Twilights doors for a limited signup threw the holidays
So tell your trusted friends and family to come on down and enjoy the site.

Lets all remember to say a prayer this holiday season for all of the victims
of violence world wide.