Related functions on the recent H & R's doubts...

We are writing this announcement just to indicate that the H&R is still under testing and you will not be disabled if your H&R reach 10.

If you don't want to receive the H&R notification anymore, just go to here to disable the notification.

If you want to clear up all the H&R that you received,
1. click here and redeem your bonus into the chance to erase the H&R you got(the 13th item, waiting to translate the description, sorry...).
2.keep seeding for the torrent you downloaded for 300 hrs within 90 days, and the H&R wiill be disappeared by itself once the requirement has achieved.

Wanna know which torrent generated H&R? Subscribe this link to get the list:
https: // torrentrss.php? linktype= dl&passkey =xxx
(replace “xxx” with your passkey)
So you can download them and vanish H&R.

For now, we are still discussing about this function and we welcome all of you to submit your thought to our Admin box. We will notify you once the H&R starts running.

Please, seed our torrent AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

At last, donation will be opened soon. Please support our Club generously
=====HDChina Staff=====