Twelve days of Christmas

Meri Kurisumasu!

On the fourth day of Christmas, my AB gave to me...
5 staff picks,
6 other staff picks,
6 Developer picks, aaaaand
6 more Developer picks.

It's holiday season and you know what that means? More competitions and freeleech and yen and presents! This year though, rather than extending the two-day global freeleech that you just had, we'll be spreading out the celebrations a bit. For each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas, we'll be revealing a set of freeleech picks that have been chosen not only by the staff, but also from some of our most valued members. (Yeah, yeah, that's not what the "twelve days of Christmas" refer to but it's cooler this way.) So be sure to check in each day for a new set of recommendations and take a look at the collage if you'd prefer a visual outline of all the picks~

Before we get to the competitions, we've also got some important news! We received an overwhelming number of dev apps following our last announcement and from those, we're pleased to welcome bo1g, dib, eider, igroc, jason_ab and Luminarys as our new Developers. Please give them all a warm welcome as we look forward to seeing what they have to bring to the site. And luckily for them, they also get the first and second rounds of freeleech picks to start off the celebrations so be sure to check those out.

To further get everyone in the mood for the festivities, we'll be running another avatar matsuri, but this time around, it's Christmas-themed! Similar to the Halloween one, if you don a Christmas-y avatar and post in this thread, you'll receive a ¥2,000 gift and another two lucky participants will receive ¥20,000. So if you'd like to get in the Christmas spirit and earn some easy yen along the way, be sure to change your avatar and post. (To make sure your avatar's counted, upload it to AB's own image uploader as there were some issues before with other hosts.)

Like last time, users who make an avatar themselves, whether with Photoshop magic or by drawing it from scratch, are eligible for the fancy avatar category. If you include "#fancyavatar" in your post and post proof (e.g. the PSD file), you'll get an extra ¥1,000 and go into the running for even more yen and the chance to play Secret Santa, sorta. Further details about this can be found at the bottom of this post.

This year will also see the return of a holiday decoration contest with our Christmas tree contest, the first of its kind since 2011. Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday season and chances are a lot of you already have one all prettied up with lights and baubles, just as Jesus intended. For the contest, there'll be yen rewards for entering and winners will receive an assortment of the usual goodies (icons, titles and yen) as well as their pick of either AotF or AotW with the runner-up getting what's left. If you think you've set up a nice-looking Christmas tree this year (or, more likely, helped your parents set one up ), then check out the contest thread for information on how to take part.

The last event will be our first Christmas drawing competition, our second (and final) drawing competition of the year. Serious attempts are all eligible for yen and whether you use a physical or digital medium is up to you. However, this time the judges of the best drawings will be... you, the users! Following the completion of the competition, a thread'll go up and anyone who's interested will get a chance to vote for their favourite entry so even if you don't plan on taking part, stay tuned for that. If you do plan on taking part though, head on over to the competition thread for further details.

tl;dr - new Developers, daily freeleech picks, get yen for using a Christmas avatar, Christmas tree contest, drawing competition 8b6076c4b768439109fea14e7f3363b3.png