To all members and friends:

First of all thank you members and friends remained at the site, where the first thank you for your support. Site establishment in January more than,
also experienced during the circumstances of attack sites, bumps have gone through this interesting time. Site since establishment since I was the only one doing re-encoding, and l
imited my abilities, their own power alone is difficult to build a good site, not to the big house better download and exchange of experience. In this awkward position, and met some old friends,
they are willing to help me build a good job on this site, so that we have a better experience, and

I thank my friends. After consultations, the final decision to build a new site, to enable the new group name suppression, increase recording group, the original disk and other groups. Site data will also be transferred to the new site, retains all user data and grade. But because the seeds migrate more cumbersome for reduced less transition time, temporarily transferred, while the original XstarHD Team Resources will all change to the new group name, for everyone to bring trouble, sorry about that. The announcement effectively limit for three days, they also want to spread the Members, thank you for your support once again for the site, but also hope that the position members continue to support the new site, because I was, at the same time welcome you to join the working group to share resources, help to stand point a force.

Note: No flow from the logged in account within 30 days of the date of this announcement will be cleared! The new station link: The new site: