Dear members,

Only faster we advance together we advance further. Unity is strength, and this strength allows us to announce good news.

To begin, we would like first of all to thank all the generous donors who helped our community to have a new, more powerful server, more powerful, that today we can consider the latency problem as a bad memory of past. But the fight has just begun, we must always collect donations every month to pay the servers and services to our community, so we still need you, you who are generous donors.

To honor this union 10 GB + 1000 + bonus points reset the hit & run will be given to each of you. Also, for the Christmas and New Year, you'll get a FreeLeech session, which will last 16 days. The FreeLeech begin December 24, 2015 and will end on January 8, 2016. Enjoy your small rewards and you get the satisfaction of helping our community.


Note that registration and invitations will be closed from 1 January 2016, the time to do some cleaning so all of more than 150 days inactive accounts will be removed and the triple accounts and without modifications. We accept 2 accounts per IP. If you create test accounts, by mistake, contact a member of staff to check your IP. After cleaning, the invitations will be open but enrollments remain closed until further notice.

Each of our members is important to us, the mere fact of uniting our voices gives us considerable power. Thank you for your presence and for your support!

The Staff