Happy holidays!

To celebrate this time of the year, we are releasing the December 18th update. This mainly includes bug fixes and performance improvements. Additionally, we have a new holiday color scheme. You can disable it from the Edit Profile page. You should notice an attention to detail with this update, as we improved the consistency of the site. Our biggest improvement includes migrating the codebase for PHP7. We now use it, which provides better page load times and significantly lower memory usage. Besides the temporary snow and holiday color scheme, you can now use shorthand for user in the form of user. This will, like the user BBCode tag, send the user a PM notifying them that they were mentioned on the forums.

As always, enjoy the update. That's all folks.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention: happy holiday freeleech!

We have a global freeleech and added some holiday cheer around the site. Additionally, we released the December 18th update, which you can read about in the form

//-Mac-Torrents Staff

Update 2 :

Freeleech Tokens

Freeleech tokens can be used to make any individual torrent free. The torrent enters a mode of personal freeleech, which means the one who used the freeleech token gets to download the torrent as though it were freeleech for 4 days. After this time, the torrent returns to normal.

When a torrent is in personal freeleech or freeleech, no downloaded data will be counted against your ratio.

You can get freeleech tokens by donating or from special occasions.