[warning] Unsolicited invite requests - 2015-12-19

We've been made aware that someone is PM'ing some of our members, asking for invites. Whilst he may seem genuine in his language and his manners, he most certainly is not. It's nothing less than a scam. Unfortunately he was already invited several months ago (we just found out about it), but to this day he's been keeping up his requests for invites. To us this can only mean he intends to sell any excess invites he may receive, which makes him a persona non grata on HDBits and most other respectable trackers.

If you have received such a message, and especially if you have invited him, notify staff immediately and include any and all details you may have, such as username, tracker, email address, other profiles he may have given you to win your trust, etc. If we find out by ourselves that he is in your invite tree, you will be held fully responsible, which means at the very least permanent loss of invites, stripping of VIP, a long warning and possibly a permaban.