fetish torrent contest

cum one cum all and join the new fetish torrent contest

:lsvader: :vader-smiley: :emperor:

The grand prize is a new porsche carrera

to be eligible you must win the fetish torrent contest below and serve for 10 years as the toilet slave for barbie, and have at least one of the following...have been a star wars trooper, been hit my a meteorite, been abducted by aliens.

To win the fetish torrent contest, the requirements are much easier. You only need:

The most new fetish torrents uploaded between noon dec 21, 2015 and noon gmt on jan 2, 2016
1 - torrents must be 100mb minimum size to be eligible
2 - fetish includes scat/fart/vomit/crush/pee/footware (you can try other fetishes, but staff (lovefc) judgments will be final)
3 - do not try to label femdom torrents (ass, pussy, lez, strapon, pain, whipping, etc) as fetish

***must be labeled fetish/scat/gts in the category. Pov will not be counted, but you may edit pov torrents to fetish if it contains a fetish and not just a mistress talking or showing you her body, but if she is smoking, pissing, or farting, that would be ok. When in doubt, make it fetish and see what the judges say...it won't cost you anything to try as there has only been a short time since the contest began.***

the prizes are super for the fetish contest winners

first place prize is a seedbox and 500 gb upload (this includes a tutorial for the use of the seedbox)
second place prize 300 gb
third place prize 200 gb
fourth place prize 140 gb
fifth place prize 130 gb
sixth place prize 120 gb
seventh place prize 110 gb
eighth place prize 100 gb
ninth place prize 90 gb
tenth place prize 80 gb

*** the 4th through 10th place prizes will only be awarded if we have enough contest participation.

Flash news...giga says he fully intends to win the 500gb and seedbox so the rest of you bozos will have to be satisfied fighting for the other prizes.

Flash update...admin says giga is not eligible to win anything!

So boys and girls, let's start posting those fetish torrents.