Hi everyone!
To end the year of our 10th anniversary, we proudly announce the new movie search engine.

From now on, all uploads on all movie sections will show a box on the top of the thread with a lot of links connecting all movie torrents by year, country, genre, cast, crew and eventual versions or related material.
Show/hide the data box on the +/— sign on the upper left corner of the topic.

This doesn't mean we don't need you anymore to make nice descriptions on your uploads. The links are there to help the search of related people and content, not to provide exhaustive information.
For detailed info, you still have the IMDb link. And we still need you to include it in the description of all your movie uploads.

On the movie search page, you can now search movies by title, year, name, country and genre or any combination of the five. To access the search engine, click Movies on the menus.

If you spot missing names or other info with possible connections in the tracker, please inform us in a comment on the related topic and it will be added by the staff.
To report bugs, suggest improvements or tell us about usability, post bellow in this forum.