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    I am Stefan, contacting you from Romania.

    I want to invite you to join a very interesting project. It’s called WowApp and it’s already a massive success in Romania and some other countries such as Brazil, Russia and India.

    It is a communication tool and the revolution is that it shares money with the members. You have a lot of followers and you can win a lot of money if you invite your fan-base.


    A famous youtuber,, posted a video and 15,000 people joined him on WowApp. Now he makes 38 $ / day and it grows every day.

    Please let me know if you want to be part of this project. You can be the first person from Philippines and you can take over the country – your earnings can be gigantic.

    Also we work with charities. You can donate a part of the money for poor children or other causes that you want to support.

    Please send me a feed-back!

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    sounds a bit like a pyramid?

    no offense meant bud )

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    Sounds like bullshit lol. You have any Payemnt proof?

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