Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers

We have been tweaking the site the past couple of weeks and the target was the Hit and Run System. We wanted to make it more intense and reliable and fair. So as of today if you go to your Profile by clicking on your name in the upper left where your stats are located you will go directly to your account. Scroll down to (Completed Torrents) and click on it to open the list. Next to each torrent if you have any HnRs you will see [HnR][Mark][Remove for 300 Karma Points]. Now you will be able to remove the HnRs by using your own (Karma Points). The old site we referred to it as (zapping) a HnR. I will provide you a link to the Forum Post on how this Hit and Run System works. I advise all of you to read and understand how it works. If you don't know how it works, then please come to irc by clicking on the CHAT tab and an Admin will explain it to you. ] So, as of today I have removed all HnRs associated to all the members listed on the System and enabled downloads. Basically I removed all HnR Warnings and enabled your downloads if you were warned by the HnR System. Some of you plain outright HnR as most of you didn't. When we changed the HnR System the data base still had old HnRs listed. It has been tested and members have come to ask why their downloads are disabled. Today is a new day. So, if your downloads get disabled because you HnR then you will be responsible for either seeding 1:1 or for 48 hours as required OR Donate if you don't have enough Bonus Points to remove them. When you Donate you become a VIP and all your HnRs are removed. You are also get Immunity for the duration of your VIP status. This essentially means if you do HnR you are Immune to the HnR System and it wont charge you for any HnRs.

I will be quite honest here. Bitleechers is a torrent site and we expect members to be active as I have stated in my last Announcement. I know there are thousands of other torrent sites out there and most of you probably belong to atleast 2 or 3 sites. But, as a member at Bitleechers you need to be active. Every site has it's own set of Site Rules which we make clear for ALL members to abide by them. If you can't abide by our Rules and be active, Why even be part of this Community ? I know the old site was a Ratioless Tracker and most of you liked that. But, with the new Bitleechers we are now a Ratio Tracker once again as we were when the old site was first brought online. We will remain a Ratio Tracker and aren't looking to change it.

We are open for suggestions and you may make them in our Forums. Please let us know what you like and dislike. All I ask is NO DRAMA! If any member causes any drama anywhere on Bitleechers, YOU WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT DISABLED!!! So, please follow all Rules.

As per the last Announcement sent to you all, we are still looking for Donations. You all know by now that torrent sites need revenue to cover server bills and to pay coders. This is no secret to any of you. We know Christmas is coming fast, but we also need to cover our bills! If you don't want to see the new Bitleechers succeed then don't Donate and become inactive. If you want Bitleechers to succeed then PLEASE Donate to support us.

Thank You for your Support