Limited Christmas offer. No Ratio and unlimited downloads for a whole year.

Dear members.

First of all want to say THANKS to all members who support us during last years. This helped us to survive and pay for servers, programmers, server administrators, DDoS protection
As you know we don't have any advertising banners, popups etc, we hate advertising, so we never post any shit like that in this pure place

We have special limited Christmas offer for members who support Audionews by donations

For next 2 weeks, we offer special account status, that's UNLIMITED VIP STATUS, you can download as much as you can for whole 2016 year (365 days). No ratio counting, no download counting, no upload counting, if your account is limited, the limitation will be removed.
Price is 120EUR per year

We had lots of requests for such as option, and now it's available for limited time

You can get unlimited VIP status on your balance page

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask