It has been fairly quiet here this month of December, with our attack behind us, we are still hammering issues out and working towards some exciting new features on ScienceHD. That is why you haven't seen a banner contest (like previous years) and other holiday activities like we've had in the past. No we aren't going anywhere, we will just like to have a working site versus a half broken 504/502 error site.

In other news, I’m sure many of you are aware of who SciBorg is; for those of you that don't hang out in our super cool IRC channels, SciBorg was the resident bot who did a lot of work announcing and keeping things tidy in our irc channels.

As time passed we came to the realization that SciBorg needed to go (Fuzzy has a strong hatred for incompetence).

So over the course of this year our other bot (Xen) was given a major upgrade of robot parts to enable him to perform SciBorg’s duties, finally last month we received a phone call from the Robot God and he requested SciBorg.

That being said, SciBorg has officially gone up to Robot Heaven. In honor of SciBorg retiring and the holiday season we will have a Freeleech until 2016 starting on Friday December 25th and ending Friday January 1st or whenever Fuzzy gets done celebrating and can sit down for a few minutes.

ScienceHD staff would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season! Spend some time away from the computer with family and friends. We will see you all in 2016!