All of us at FunFile want to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season!

As part of this festive time the following will run until
January 15th 2016:

Global Freeleech!

From now until January 15th ALL torrents are freeleech! That means anything you download will not count against your ratio! Upload will continue to count. Keep in mind that seeding rules STILL apply!

IRC Idling Raised to 16 credits per hour!

From now until January 15th when you are active (or idle) in our main IRC channel you will get double the credit bonus. You will receive 16cr. for every hour you spend in the channel. That is a total of 384 credits per day! Guide on how to register for IRC with mIRC is HERE

Increased Invite Bonuses

When you invite someone to FunFile, you get a bigger reward if they become good member during the Holiday Season!
When your invitee gets 50% of the way to Delusional...YOU now get a 800GB upload credit!
When your invitee becomes a full Delusional...YOU now get a 1600GB Upload Credit + an invite is re-added

Seeding Credits Doubled

From now until January 15th ALL credits earned from seeding are doubled! The values that appear on HERE will be doubled when applied to your account!