2015.12.26 - Some explanations and future plans

1. Before the completion of the first novice of members to ensure an open examination before registration, although not notice, but determined to know.

2. The open registration has ended, after all incoming members will experience a novice assessment, the site will open novice assessment. Details http://www.hdarea.co/forums.php?acti...2&topicid=1433

3. The order to open the message did not keep abreast of the people an opportunity to invite the permissions down to Elite User, the end of the New Year's Day, after The long-term shut invited.

4. The website background you can see, there are about 4-5 thousand zombie accounts, long-term without any activity, so the site will keep open the increment assessment.

5. The site will be New Year's Day, the opening of the new donation rules http://www.hdarea.co/forums.php?acti...=2&topicid=930

6. prohibit HDSKY use the site to any official resources, including DIY, pressing , REMUX and all use (only for post resources of this notice); site ban transfer of resources to report. After verified according to the situation, the whistleblower will award at least 100,000 magic or VIP. http://www.hdarea.co/forums.php?acti...2&topicid=1434

7. Site permanent recruitment notice , please want to join the staff contact the above format HDArea