TL Anniversary Lottery!
Friday 25th of December 2015 11:54:56 PM

As promised, December will be full of surprises!

Christmas, New Year celebrations... What else you may wonder right? Well, it happens that 9th of January 2016 we are getting 11(!!!) years old!! And we decided we should do something about that huge milestone!

Did you notice a strange countdown timer under your profile? Of course you did! This is a live countdown for our 11 years anniversary lottery! Clock on it, and get transferred to our lottery page, where you can buy super cool things ranging from iphones to ps4 and xbox ones to apple watches! And when done, make sure you drop from the forum post we made here

and discuss about it with fellow users and participants!

Lottery will take place 31rst of January 2016, 20:00 GMT!

Good luck to all and again, marry xmas !!!