On a daily basis our staff are contacted by users who have run into their accounts being disabled from downloading. There are various reasons for this occurrence however the main objectives for a users download being disabled is to keep users honest and help guide our community to serve/share files between all of us as long as possible. 2 recent changes have been made which will be listed below.

1. The karma bonus points "buyout" of Hit and Run files have been removed for "User" Class members. This option no long exists within the store for this particular class with all Classes above still having this option.

2. Within each users main profile page we have added a quick link "Download Your Torrents". This will allow you to download your full list of .torrent files to reseed the files that were not seeded for the appropriate amount of time. This will not allow you to re-download the actual file, you must still have this available to seed. If you do not have the file for some reason anymore, please contact staff with a detailed E-mail as to the reason and we will look into your account further.

During this disablement period, you will not be able to download any .torrents but by reseeding the above mentioned .torrents, this will fix your Hit and Runs automatically and your account for download will be re-instituted.

Quick information copied from our "The Rules" Guidelines regarding seeding requirements for a reminder.

1. Access to the newest torrents is conditional on a good ratio!
2. Low ratios may result in severe consequences, including banning in extreme cases.
3. Minimum seeding time is 72 hours or a 1:1 ratio.

If you have any questions or concerns with your account as always please pm a staff member to assist.

HD4Free staff