Again, we have enabled HTTPS on the tracker, so that the connection between your client and the tracker is via HTTPS when from now downloading a torrent from here.

The amendment concerns which said only new torrent files you download, but if you want to switch to https in all your torrents from here, you can uTorrent;

- Marks all torrents from DB, right-click them and press Properties (Properties in English).
- In the text field "Trackers" (Trackers in English), change the "http: // tracker. .. "to" http s: // tracker ... "and press OK. If your client against EXPECTATIONS not support https, it is possible to turn it off at user.php? action = edit. However, we recommend that you so far as possible that have to disable this, so if your client against all EXPECTATIONS not support https, you should first check whether there is an update to it. Kh.

//Danish Bits Staff.