CZT eam not pretend NOT claimed never in the history tracker and NOT will never ask for money or donations or other material gains.

In our opinion, filesharing site is free activities that aims to promote products and release sites in various categories. CZT EAM encourages the purchase movies, games, music and software sites to appreciate the work of those who stand behind these products .
CZT eam NOT encourages cash or bank transfer payment to lend to any site of its kind, to improve ration or similar benefits. I have always maintained that instead pocketed the money of people who have not contributed anything to product development, his personal use - see a movie - buy an original software - download your favorite tracks from website Official URLs to support artists - Buy yourself something nice CZT eam promote Romanian products and release sites where permitted.

If you notice irregularities or violations of the rights of Romanian production houses can notify a member of