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    What you need to do to get invites on trackers....

    -In this thread it would be great to post how much upload someone needs to be able to receive invites and what is the frequency of receiving those once someone is allegeable to receive invites. Also do they give invites right way when someone fulfills the upload criteria or not.
    This would help people to know up to what point do they have to upload for the purpose of getting invites. This way they will be more efficient in getting those invites and will be able to contribute more invites to this community.

    -AOM - invite app (only VIP and above can sumit it) and Then staff have to aprove them
    -Exigo - VIPs have a fast invite app, where they can get invites, and normal users can try as well, but it have to be some elite Music people from other sites, for staff to approve.
    -iTS - rules say only Established Members+ can get them, they need to submit an invite application,
    -BitHuman - You need to be active cause on BH you need to use ur stars u get every week in a bidding system.50 people gets invites everyday. The bidding takes place at midnight last couple of days an invite has required at least 13 stars but goes from 13-17 usually these days.You can get 2 stars a week on BH if you are in the top 1000 thats when you get two. Top 10000 gets 1 star.You also get stars at the end of the month being in the top 20000 gets you 1 star.Top 1000, 2 stars Top 100. 3 stars and so on.
    -Swebits - you need to be a member for at least 1 year to be able to to get invites and 500 GB uploaded and at least 1.5 ratio.
    -DB9 - You need to have atleast 15 Gb uploaded. You also need some amount of forum posts in the month you want to receive the invite. The number of forum posts is undeclared and is known only to staff.
    -HDChina - become a member 24 weeks and uploaded 10TB. 50000 points one invite.
    -Pedro - 1 invite to uploaders each month and if he didn't use the invite the user won't receive another one untill he uses it
    -x264 - Member for 12 weeks and over 300 GB uploaded.
    -HDBits - VIPs get 1 invite a month but currently the invite system is closed
    -FSc - You win them on events or get them though an invite aplication ( No special amount of upload/time beeing there - you just have to be an active member - and invite someone who Can ADD something to fsc)
    -Sceneaccess - invites when you donate or during special events only
    -TranceTraffic - when you donate, they normally add some invites as a way to say thanks
    -TorrenLeech - ViP members get invites
    -Bitme - Must have been a member for at least 4 weeks, have uploaded at least 50GB and have a ratio at or above 1,05, power user gets 3 invites every time they are used
    -BitMeTV - Must have been be a member for at least 4 weeks, have uploaded at least 65GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05
    -Waffle - You have to be a Power User so you got to have more than 25GB uploaded and 5GB downloaded with a ratio above 1.05; must have been be a member for at least 4 weeks.
    -TTI - User Upload 300GB, ratio 1.50, Member for 90 days after that you are able to buy invites from the shop for 504 seedhours each
    -SceneHD - Member for 10 weeks and minimum 250 gig uploaded with a ratio of 1.5 after that you can use your points you get every Friday when you seed to buy an invite an invite costs 300 points
    -Music-vidz - only donar's and i think Video Holics get invites. Video Holics get 2 invites per month..promotion to video holic is not automatic staff does the promotion
    -Revitt - Must have been a member for at least 4 weeks, uploaded at least 25GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05 after that you can request 3 starter invites. You get 3 invites when you are PU if u request them
    -BCG - No specific time, but you have to have a special badge
    -Ethor - need to be elite user mean at least 2weeks and 25gb upload after promotion 2 invites are given...
    than its hard to get invite, you have to be active to get further invites, or on special events you can receive extra invites, i think max number of invites user can keep is near about 3invites
    -Bitspyder - Must have been be a member for at least 4 weeks, have uploaded at least 15GB and have a ratio at or above 1.05. The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met. Note that you will be automatically demoted from
    this status if your ratio drops below 0.95 at any time. Or should atleast be a member for 6 months
    with 5GB Uploaded or Downloaded with a minimum ratio of 0.5. When you become a Power User You can use the 2 invites when you fulfill these requirements, whichever comes first.
    -Bit-HDTV - you buy invites for 1000 points ( 4 or 5 of them)
    -Underground-ravers - good user + promotion
    -THC - on promotion
    -Bitseduce - Invites are given out every 4 weeks and depend on your stats: 1 Invite. Downloaded >25GB and ratio is greater than 1.00 - 2 Invites. Downloaded >50GB and ratio is greater than 1.25 - 3 Invites. Downloaded >100GB and ratio is greater than 1.50
    -Cinemageddon - Upload >200GB, download >20GB, ratio of >1.5. -> 2 invites on the 28th of every month.
    -UTN - either by bonus points or donation, 50,000 bonus points for an invite or 10$ donation (you get an invite, upload credit and VIP status for a few weeks)
    -Ethor - You get promoted to Elite Member in 3 weeks if you have 20 GB upload and ratio greater than 1.5 and we get 2 invites.
    -BTN - who can send, depend on donation, elite + anytime, 100 % All users, 90 % members, 80 % power users - 1 invite 200.000 points and 2 invites = 350.000. For donation: 5 euro = 1 Inv ; 10 euro = 2 Inv, 20 euro = 5 Inv ; 50 euro = 15 Inv
    -TheGift - you need 3,528 points to buy an invite on gft.For every hour that you idle on the GFTracker Channel you are awarded with 5 Karma Bonus Points.
    -Theoccult - 1 invite given when promoted to neophyte/power user. At ANY user level, if you have downloaded more than 10 GB, and have a ratio of 1.05 or higher, you will get 2 invites the first time you achieve this, and 2 more every 20 days (unless invites are closed, of course)
    -Theplace - Any User Class and Downloaded greater 10 GB and ratio greater than 1.05 gets invites. Invites given every 20 days
    -Learnbits - 3 Inv for 600 points, or (5$ = 1 Inv ; 10 $ = 3 Inv ; 20$ = 5 Inv ; 30 $ = 10 Inv ; 40 $ = 15 Inv ; 50 = 20 Inv ; 100 USD = 30 Inv)

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    thx can u do torrent day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andwhat View Post
    thx can u do torrent day
    Poweruser can get invite every month i think.

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    -PirateTheNet -1 invite cost 50000 gold
    -Thevault -no invite system invite only from irc

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    You also need to do lot of Begging on Invite sites lols

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    Good thread

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    great info

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    Thanx for this interesting thread

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